The AIB Roast – Give It A Break

We need to thank so much to each and everyone on bringing such an important issue (the AIB knock out) to the forefront. It was just a comedy show that unfortunately termed out to be a national shame. National shame is not the show, but it is those people who have no idea of what is presently more important to be discussed about the country. Many known personalities jumped into the social media discussion of calling it out a national shame and filthy humor. It is fine that some people liked it and some people did not, but calling it a national shame is really hard to digest.

Our country has nothing to do with the increasing rape, and unemployment issue. But people have the time to discuss it on a TV show. How great it seems to be part of such an economy, where people are so narrow-minded. Actually people are not narrow-minded, they just want something to take out their grudge on and so they choose criticizing one or the other thing. I do not understand how people can discuss so much about a TV show. After all, it was just a show for entertainment. It is simple if you do not like it, do not watch it.

Indian Premier League 2014

IPL season 2014 was a great and splendid one, with a hearth-throbbing finale. The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won the match defeating Kings XI Punjab by three wickets. It was a thrilling last over match held in Bangalore. The toss was won by Gautama  Gambhir, who chose fielding first. Initially, the partnership of Virender Sehwag and Manan Vohra showed great effects. Later their partnership was broken in the fourth over by Umesh Yadav. KXIP had to face jolts in their early overs so the rebuilt themselves in the middle overs. After the seventh over, both Vohra and Wriddhiman Saha performed very well.

KKR was still in the better half. They soon took the matters in their hand as the scoreboard for KXIP said 58 for 2. Wriddhiman tried his best to perform on the fields. He scored 34 runs in the next three overs. After that, in the 14th over Narine wicketkeeper and batsman made his half century in 29 balls. His entry was followed with sixes and fours. Later in the over, Vohra also scored 50 runs with many fours in his bag. In KKR’s innings Uthappa was out in the initial over. After that Gautam Gambhir and Manish Pandey took the innings to a great level. They bought KKR a 50 in the sixth over, by the end of power play it became 59. Later KKR won with it is marvelous performance in the match.