Game News – Mass Effect 3, SOPA, Alienware X51, Resident Evil 6, Guild Wars 2 ft. Awall – WAY➚

games newsVideo Game News every Thursday on TGN Central! Community Question – Are you excited about Guild Wars 2? Is it the next big thing in MMOs? Is it going to change EVERYTHING? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel! ➜ Mass Effect 3 Demo on February 14th Guild Wars 2 Beta Ramping up in Spring Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City Rated Job Listing points to In-Game Ads in New Blizzard MMO SOPA and PIPA on the ropes! Alienware unveils console sized PC Guild Wars 2 Beta Ramping up in Spring Music licensed to TGN by FiXT – Get the music at Click “Like” and “Add to… Favorites” if you like this video! =-=-=-= ★ TGN Social http ★ What is TGN? ★ TGN Times http ★ TGN on Facebook ★ TGN on Twitter ★ We Are YouTube – WAY!


Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Pets (Part 34) – So This Is What We Are Going To Do w/ Commentary

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