Study Materials To Consider When Reading Art And Architecture For UPSC

Indian art and culture are one of the multiple topics that play a crucial role in the Civil Service examination. Due to India’s vibrant art and architecture, candidates appearing for the exam have to read a lot about the salient aspects. As this includes various types of topics, aspirants find it difficult to divide between the critical and unnecessary parts of the subject.

Time is precious

If you are a Civil Service aspirant, you will know that UPSC has a vast syllabus. If you try to learn everything, then it will land you nowhere. To crack the Civil Service examination, you need to work hard but more smartly. Managing the time well is the most crucial part of the overall process of preparation. You can buy the most recommended study materials which can help in covering a substantial portion of the syllabus.

Sources of information

Along with the various subjects, Indian Art and Architecture demands equal consideration. To prepare for the Indian Art and Architecture for UPSC Exams, you can write online tests. Appearing for the IAS mock test papers will not only make you for the final examination but will also help you realize the weaker sections that require more attention. Other reliable sources of information include NCERT books, Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania and Centre for Cultural Resources and Training study material.

Emphasize on the following topics

You can expect about ten to twelve questions from this subject in the preliminary as well as the Main examination. Hence, you should understand how important these topics are and prepare for it with utmost dedication. Most students find it challenging to prepare for the Indian Culture and Heritage because of the uncertainty of the question pattern.

The following are some of the significant topics that are included in the UPSC examination-

  • Indo-Islamic architecture
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Mathura and Gandhara School of Art.

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