Billboard Advertising – The Best Marketing Method For Your Brand

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Billboard advertising in US 

Billboard advertising may not be your typical inbound marketing technique, but their presence is highly discernible. With digitization innovating the contents, the popularity of billboard advertising has risen to a new high. The high-resolution visuals and vibrant contents can also be programmed from remote and displayed at a place where your potential customers are mostly present. US based companies are constantly looking out for innovative strategies to strengthen their brand reputation and awareness; and, billboard advertising is an ideal marketing technique that has piqued a lot of interest lately.  

Las Vegas is probably the best example of billboard advertisement reigning the world of advertising. The vibrant nightlife and extensive shopping destinations make billboard advertising, Las Vegas, an indispensable element of city life. Their enormous appearance and innovative designs further make their presence interesting. Here is a brief description of billboard advertising and five fantastic design strategies for billboards that can attract potential customers.

All you need to know about billboard advertising 

Billboard advertising are the massive advertisements which are either printed campaigns on large boards or are digital visuals played on giant screens. The billboards are usually positioned in the high traffic intersections or along the highways, where a large number of motorists or pedestrians pass by. Placing the billboards at strategically busy places where enormous footfalls are expected, helps in building brand awareness, and thereby enables the advertisers to broadcast messages to a broad audience. Mobilizing billboards on large trucks or adverts wrapped around buses also bring in stunning impressions and umpteen views. Check Out – about how the billboards and screens towering over our heads in every direction know a lot about who we are.

How is billboard advertising rated?

Due to their enormous structure and the placement at prime locations, billboard advertisements have a reputation of being too costly for small businesses. But with innovative technology incorporated, a considerable difference in the expense is observed in the OOH techniques nowadays. Cost of advertising usually depends upon factors like location, traffic, as well as the number of audiences who are expected to view the advertisements.

Geopath, a nonprofit organization that is responsible for calculating weekly impressions on a billboard, determines various data in OOH ratings. The OOH ratings are shared with the potential advertisers who utilize the information to assess their billboard placements. The factors that make up the OOH ratings are as given below

An Image Representing The Billboard Advertisement Cost.


The information regarding the age, gender, income and numerous other characteristics of the traffic that crosses a billboard is referred to as demographics. Demographics related information is provided by transport authorities as well as through various surveys.


Circulation is typically the traffic that crosses a billboard. Transport authorities are responsible for sharing the information about the count of people passing by the billboards.


Although considerable traffic passes by the boards, only a certain percentage view the contents on the board. This is known as an impression, and it is rated based on the size of billboards, their proximity to roads and speed of the traffic.

All these ratings usually decide the renting cost of the billboards. The design and the medium of the billboards further supplement the total cost of billboard advertising. Here is a look at best tips to help advertisers to create campaigns that are affordable and effective.

Top billboard design strategies to entice your audience 

Craft a story

People love watching stories rather than reading. Hence, construct stories with appropriate imageries and possibly a few texts to convey your messages. As the billboards target motorists mostly, a large number of audiences prefer a design that incorporates minimum texts and more pictures.

An Image Showing The COlor Strategies For A Successful Billboard Design

Bold and large designs

Motorists have only a few seconds to glance over the billboard advertising. Therefore, if you want your campaign to be noticeable, keep your designs simple and straightforward. Big and bold fonts against a contrasting background are imperative to display contents efficiently.

Prime locations

A design that incorporates every nuance of location is what makes the billboard contents relatable and exciting. Focus on creating contents that are reflective of the site.

Interactive contents

Designing concepts that speak about the location or current scenario of the area can generate quite an interest among the audience. Try incorporating ideas that are trending. For example, develop a concept about elections if elections are going on or talk about the soccer tournament your city is hosting. Interacting with the mood of the audience is what makes a design exceptional.

A White Colored Mobile Billboard Truck Moving Through The City That Representing The Mockup For The Advertisement.

Unique concepts

Reeling in the lines of harnessing the mood of onlookers, focus on creating contents that can emotionally connect with audiences. Get inspired by famous billboards and develop designs that remain memorable.

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