Merchant Compliance Management And Policy Management

Policy Management

SecureGRC retailer conformity management helps financial institutes and banks to ensure their retailers comply with the regulations relevant for their company.
What’s Merchant Management?
Our member Acquirers are essentially viewed by MasterCard as possessing the payment station that is obtaining. Given this view, MasterCard works to manage the SDP Program working with retailers to further ensure the trade infrastructure. Please note that acquirers do not have to experience the SDP conformity procedure but the SDP procedure must be managed by them because of their retailers.
Merchant Management is the procedure that empowers card acquirers therefore meet the requirements of the various card brands and to make sure that their retailers are compliant. Retailer management automates a lot of the manual tasks related to the retailer conformity procedure. When organizations are coping with thousands of retailers, the procedure for handling conformity could use up an enormous number of cash, time and resources. CMM empowers organizations to reduce these all by supplying one interface through an internet based interface that is universally accessible to all conformity procedures.
Essential Characteristics
Policy Management

What’s Policy Management?
policy Management2Policy direction is the general procedure for handling the plethora of other files and policies, processes, guidelines which are part of function and the government framework .
SecureGRC Policy Manager provides an integrated treatment for handling all the policies, processes, guidelines, or standards that are the foundation of the government framework. Policy Manager enables organizations quantify the IT conformity with these policies, to consolidate all their policies, save them in a central repository, and see various data from a central dash.

Policy Manager supplies access to the core components in the SecureGRC platform Fine grained access control through a protected Web based interface including Workflow, Document Management, Policy Inventory,.
Essential Characteristics

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