Culture & Traditions At Indian Weddings

Image That Represents The Indian Wedding Traditions.

Rituals Maketh The Wedding

The biggest reasons people love weddings is not the affirmation of love but because they are full of rituals. It is the cultural elements and traditions that make them meaningful and fun, not the gorgeous wedding venues. The rituals handed down from one generation to another literally connect the marrying couple with their ancestors creating an undeniable link.


Image That Represents The Various Collections of Indian Wedding Rituals.

Each country has its own unique customs, and India is no different. Rather Indian weddings are renowned for their unique characteristics, most of which originate from rituals and traditions. The practices of an Indian wedding are what make it so Indian. They nuptials stand far apart from most other marriages. In this article, we explore some of the common. Check Out – Some more details about Indian wedding rituals,

From The Date To The Mehndi

While the rest of the world looks at the weather to decide the wedding date, Indian weddings are fixed according to the stars, planets, and moons. The birth details of the bride and the groom are matched. Then an auspicious date is decided based on the position of the stars and planets. These dates are considered lucky as they promote a prosperous marriage. There is no fussing about spring, summer or autumn when it comes to the wedding date!


Indian Bride Have Applied Beautiful Henna On Her Hand.

For over five thousand years, Indian brides have applied henna on their hands and feet a day or two before the marriage. Called mehndi, the thick paste of a plant is used to make intricate floral, modern, and beautiful patterns on hands and feet. Generally, a custom for women, mehndi is supposed to be a predictor of the strength of the marriage. It is believed that darker the colour of the stain, the happier the marriage would be.

A Gorgeous Indian Wedding Guests Dancing In Sangeet.

From Sangeet To Gorgeous Red Traditional Attires

The best part of Indian wedding traditions is the fun, and an example is the sangeet party where the bride and the groom side mingle. The party is all about dance performances, foot moving songs, and incredible fun. Most times, the mehndi and the sangeet are held together.

Image That Depicts The Indian Wedding Tradition.

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The rest of the world may be happy with white gowns on the wedding day, but for the Indian bride, it is traditional red. The customary dress of the nuptials is saree or a lehenga. They are typically in shades of red. The Indian wedding outfit is one of the heaviest and most stunning attires a woman has in her wardrobe. Not just colourful, they are also amazingly embroidered and beaded.

The wedding customs mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. Every Indian wedding is chock full of rituals ranging from Haldi to Jaimaal. It is why it takes over three days for an Indian wedding to finish (if they perform every tradition). In a gist, these weddings are a compelling call to ancient practices.

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