Multiplex Designing – Strategies And Principles

Multiplex Theatres

The Rising Need For Multiplex Theatres
Asian countries are beginning to develop state of the art multiplex theatres. This is because in a country like India there is a huge market for movies. There are 20 million viewers and 800 films a year. People also demand new, clean, and safe theatres. The structural engineering companies Chennai provide innovative construction elements to design trendy multiplexes. Based on multiplex design principles, multiplex theatres are designed.

Basic Requirements For A Multiplex
A multiplex theatre should incorporate numerous numbers of screens. The seating capacity of the auditorium should range from 200 to 500 seats. It should provide a great ambiance to the people. states that a successful multiplex should satisfy the needs of the public. Theatres should be centres for complete entertainment. It should provide play areas, cafés, food courts and a lot more.

Designing Principles For A Multiplex
Cultural and regional factors affect the design of a multiplex. Multiplex are usually placed in Shopping malls. So it is necessary to design in accordance with the traffic flow. Ticket purchase area should be provided with an adequate area. Enormous signage captures the attention of people who visit the mall. Parking facility is also to be provided.

Good Auditorium Design Attracts People
Viewers comfort and enjoyment is the key in designing an auditorium for a multiplex. The main factors to be considered are auditorium proportion, screen size, and seating configuration. Larger screen should be designed by avoiding distortion.


Role Of Interior Design And Decor
Interior design for a multiplex theatre should make people sense fun, drama, and fantasy. The use of colours, materials and architectural motifs should be creative. They can also be based on themes which are consistent throughout the design. The decors should satisfy local audience. Durable and low maintenance stuff can be chosen.

Comfortable Stadium Seating
The seating provided should be comfortable and user-friendly. Seating arranged on stepped floor improves sight lines. Computer Software helps in calculating optimal sight lines.

Importance Of Acoustics
Acoustics effects are crucial for theatre design. The sound of the movie should not reflect back inside the auditorium. It mainly depends on the design of the Auditorium, and the interiors used, etc. The sound absorbent materials should be provided to avoid echoes. Digital sound systems include surrounding sound speakers and subwoofers.

Providing attractive lobbies
Effective planning on the design of the multiplex lobby aids to the success of the multiplex. Ticket Sales can be increased by providing innovative ticket booth layouts. They can also reduce the queuing time.

Considering Life Safety Issues
Life safety issue is a must in multiplex designing. This is because theatres are places where a group of people gather at the same time. So it is essential to provide emergency exits and alarm systems.
Earthquake resistant and fireproof construction materials can also be used.

Construction and Operating cost can be reduced by effectively planning the design of the multiplex. All the factors mentioned above need to be considered to design a state of the art multiplex. A good design brings profitability to the theatres.


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