Dental technology trends to watch in 2022

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Thanks to the advent of innovative technologies, both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are set to undergo major changes in the coming year. Many dental practices have adopted digital marketing and modern technologies with the pandemic, speeding up the entire digitisation process. The future of dentistry in 2022 is looking even more promising.

An experienced dentist in Gowrivakkam believes that the dental industry will undergo a technological revolution to better patient care. Read more here for a brief introduction to 9 major trends in the dental industry that will significantly change how we practice dentistry.

9 Trends in dentistry that you should be aware of

Social media marketing and an improved website

Existing and prospective patients may not be able to find you easily online. Hence, if you haven’t updated your website in a while, you could be losing new patients to competitors who have a more appealing or user-friendly online presence. Social media is an excellent tool for establishing credibility and communicating with patients.

Automation with chatbots

Automation will become the norm among dentists in the coming years. Chatbots can help you communicate with patients. It is possible to program a bot to answer questions from existing and prospective patients and collect valuable information from them. This can also serve as a channel to reach out to them later.

Broadening your reach with video marketing

In today’s world, video content reigns supreme. It allows you to tell your story and share the experiences of other patients who have had positive experiences with your practice. A study found that 58 per cent of patients prefer to watch video content about dental offices. You can use social media as a low-cost channel for advertising your dental practices.

Memberships and subscriptions

Many patients do not prioritise dental care because of the perceived high cost. Membership plans help you to attract new patients. These plans allow you to serve more patients and collect insurance reimbursement while providing the best patient experience. As dental costs can be unpredictable for insured and uninsured patients, dental subscription services can be a good option for patients and dentists.

Laser dentistry

Patients are beginning to realise the advantages of laser dentistry, and dentists are investing in better technology to benefit their patients and their business. Dental experts from the best dental clinic in Gowrivakkam report that laser technology is a popular treatment choice that shows good results after the procedure.

Teledentistry is the way to future

Teledentistry allows you to provide patient care to patients in new and exciting ways. Twenty-three per cent of dental practices plan to use teledentistry in their practices by 2021. The patient experience begins before they schedule their first appointment with you. By carefully considering every detail, you can ensure that your patients have the best possible experience.

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Online reviews as referrals

Online reviews generate new dental patient referrals. Online reviews can quickly become one of your most effective sources of new patient acquisition. Patients leave online reviews to express their opinions about the care they receive at your facility. These reviews provide you with valuable information about what is working and what needs to be improved.

3D printing in dentistry

In the future, dental materials generated by 3D printing will be more widely available at lower prices as the technology becomes more mainstream. Dental practices can now use 3D printing to complete a variety of applications. There are many options for low-cost 3D printing that can be handled in-house.

Consolidated practices

The number of solo dental practices is dwindling as dentists’ offices merge and consolidate. In 1999, two out of every three practices were operated by a single dentist. Today, only one out of every two dental offices is operated by a single dentist.DS Os and DMSOs offer management and technical assistance to dental practices.

The top cosmetic dentistry trends for 2022

Humans have experimented with cosmetic treatments to achieve the desired results for their teeth, including toothpaste formulations, porcelain crowns, and bleaching at home. The latest cosmetic trends and popular treatments include teeth whitening, a procedure in which teeth are bleached. Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic procedure expected to generate $7 billion in revenue worldwide. Professional teeth whitening can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from tooth sensitivity.

Similarly, Invisalign is yet another cosmetic dentistry addition that will be a happening trend in 2022. Invisalign is a clear aligner system that straightens teeth without wires or dietary restrictions.You can eat any food while wearing clear aligners, but you should brush your teeth first.

Another major trend to look forward to is dental implant procedures. A dental implant is used to replace both the root and the crown of a tooth. Dentures can be replaced with dental implants so that a missing tooth can be restored to function.

On a final note:

Technology plays a significant role in transforming industries. Dentists must stay on top of the latest technologies to grow. Take advantage of these trends to enhance your practice.

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