How To Use Salesforce As A Meeting Tool

imageAn American cloud computing company called is responsible for bringing out a Customer Relationship Management or CRM product that has revolutionized the relationship between any company and its clients. It has made it possible to address all customer interface stages from sales and marketing to customer service. Implementing Salesforce in your organization ultimately saves a lot of invaluable time in addition to the precious resources. Salesforce has become popular all over the world with various companies offering salesforce training India. Most companies employ or make use of a salesforce registered consultant to understand the needs of the company better and to tailor design a salesforce product according to the specific requirements of the company

Highly successful companies are making use of Analytics where information is instantly accessible from the boardroom to the frontlines. With the increase in the pace of daily business, most of them are realizing the importance of agility and real-time decision making. The latest report by salesforce has reported how around ninety-four percent of the high performers are collaborating with other diverse roles within their company. This has been made possible with the implementation of Salesforce as the main tool of necessity within the organization.

Sales team meetings are an integral way to make the team work together and try to achieve the target required. But the truth in most cases is that these meetings are mostly unproductive with the sales team not doing what they were hired for primarily, to make sales! Most of these meetings run from around thirty minutes to an hour, reducing the productivity of the company. Although it is not possible to sidestep these meetings, as the information discussed might be crucial, it is possible to make us of the Salesforce Dashboard. This is similar to a kind of pinboard or soft board where anyone can pin on their ideas and comments thereby allowing the manager to lead meetings from the Salesforce Dashboard thereby allowing them to point to the sales targets and metrics.

salesforce-300x200Some key points for the manager to keep in mind while conducting a sales meeting are listed below to save time
· Review weekly customer interaction
· Review period attainment of targets
· Review the weekly target attained by each salesperson
· Review the reasons for ups and downs
· Review the sales forecasted for each salesperson

Salesforce can help keep these meetings progressing from one point to the next without any lag in between. Since the dashboard is accessible to the sales employees, they are able to follow the meeting with more success than usual.

Groups is another Salesforce feature that helps to frame conversations occurring in real time so that everyone is involved and on the same page along with the same materials discussed in the conversation. Having an entire department within a Salesforce Group can help make sure everyone is aware of what is happening and what is being discussed within the department. This discussion platform has an option of sending files also integrated within it, making it possible for the members of the group to exchange files as and when required.

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