Top Education Trends 2022

In a classroom, a boy has a tablet open in front of him. The teacher is pointing top something on it. A girl is seated next to the boy.

Education Trends That Will Significantly Impact The Sector By 2021

Education has changed in ways we never could have imagined, and it has also catalyzed change in other areas. There have been positive developments across the education spectrum, and professional degrees are a prominent sign of change. Education trends will likely change in 2021, and we need to prepare for them. IVS, one of the leading IGCSE schools in Chennai (, emphasizes the importance of a practical approach in learning and presents detailed insights about the leading trends that can bring about these changes. Learn more.

10 Education Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Technology upskilling

Human labour and technological advancement are symbiotically linked, and technological upskilling is the most important education trend for 2021. These include novel and innovative subject matter, including applied linguistics, artificial intelligence, food anthropology, ethical hacking, culture studies, and abuse science.

Soft skill training

Education experts recommend that schools include soft skills training in the curriculum and move away from subject-based rote learning.

Inclusive & accessible learning

Inclusive and accessible learning environments is a welcome and long-overdue development. Modern education settings better suit digital natives, and efforts are being made to ensure that all students have equal learning and employment opportunities. Even though students learn at different paces, modern learning tools allow students to personalize their learning journeys and build up their confidence through additional practice and learning methods.

Digitized classrooms and teaching methods

Education trends in 2021 will shift more toward technological transformation. Students can now access information about their academic paths in a single platform, and colleges can make more informed decisions about student intake and the admissions process. With digitized teaching methods, teachers can cater to the demands of large classes and pay heed to individual students’ needs.

A teacher is teaching in a classroom on the projector. Students are sitting at their desks., girls on ne sde and boys on the other. A laptop is open in front of each of them. On the wall is a poster which says, Smart class.

Vocational education

Vocational education and training is an emerging trend in the educational system. Under this learning system, students will develop a project-based learning mindset to fit into the new stream of jobs.


Gamification technologies can help students retain concepts and become active learners by transforming them into active learners. Top IGCSE schools in Chennai have started adopting gamification as part of their curricula.


Social-emotional learning is an important aspect of learning for today’s students. It is important to present the learning outcomes while keeping the social and emotional learning benefits in mind. Evaluation will be based on students’ progress and their improvement in lesson retention.

Public policy

Support for public policy will ensure that students have a holistic learning environment and that curriculum directives are implemented. For students and teachers alike, a digital literacy curriculum is important to develop, and a public policy will ensure its strict implementation.

Social media

Social media allows students to interact with one another by sharing study materials, debating with others in a group, or easily commenting on someone else’s publication, among other things. Students typically prefer short-lived multimedia learning materials, such as podcasts, infographics, and white papers. Many videos will include elements of interactivity to capture the attention of students. This educational model promotes curiosity and experimentation and helps students understand the subject matter.


M-Learning is used to help students put the concepts they have learned into practice.
Microlearning is a type of learning that takes place on a small scale and is ideal for students.

Utilize the above educational trends to ensure your students learn and grow holistically.

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