How The Right CRM Can Increase Ticket Revenues In Movie Theatres


With the advent of high quality video streaming, it seems fewer people are going to the movie theatre with each passing generation. There is still a small waiting time for movies to be available online for streaming but that also seems to be shrinking each day. One the best ways to get cineplexes to full capacity again is by using the language of the average movie-watcher – email. By utilizing a CRM system put together by a Salesforce developer, it is possible to do this efficiently and with great feedback. Salesforce certification training in Chennai goes for a period of approximately 6 months and can do wonders in aiding an email marketing campaign.

According to, there is an increase of at least 50% sales when email marketing is used in comparison to other conventional marketing strategies. Email campaigning also has an impressively high customer conversion rate. Keeping these points in mind, it seems naïve to overlook the potency of this technique.


Email marketing not only helps convert potential clients into actual customers, but can also help maintain a customer database with their likes and dislikes. Using information like what movies a person tends to watch can help the company target a very specific audience, thus making it more possible to actually sell a ticket and will avoid spamming customers, which they will be grateful for. Once a customer has subscribed to email alerts from the company, it is simply a matter of finding the right things to advertise on their newsletter, which can expand to encompass the whole repertoire of movies with time.

There are a couple of tips that will help set the tone when dealing with customers through email campaigning. It is imperative to keep the spotlight on the customer rather than the product. By focusing on target crowd, it is easier to cater to their needs, rather than forcing them to swallow a product they may come to find no love for. Movies are more intimate than many other products and vary from region to region. What may be a Oscar-winning movie to the rest of the world may not have even registered on the radar of the locals. Keeping the demographic (age groups, social attributes, income levels), the most favorable time to show certain movies in mind can help avoid unnecessary losses.’

CRN not only helps with storing client details and preferences, it can also help bridge clients’ social media to the business. With so many social media platforms these days, customers are constantly connected to one or the other, creating the perfect opportunity for a little bit of targeted advertising. This facilitates quick engagement with customers, leading to a greater chance of closing sales. Marketing the relationship between the customers and the company is a key strategy. With the Internet constantly distracting customers in one way or the other, it is prerogative that the message is to the point and easy to follow. Instead of beating around the bush, get right to the point perhaps with the aid of a few relevant pictures and links. Use CRM capabilities to the fullest and make the best of an emailing campaign.


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